Acrylic Nostalgia Vinyl on Acrylic Artwork 35cm x 54xm

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Color: Deep Green
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Dive into "Acrylic Nostalgia," an art series by Googly Gooeys that reimagines the quintessential 80s experience with a playful twist. In this unique collection, we've transformed the iconic cassette tape, a staple of analog technology, into eye-catching acrylic art pieces. Each piece is a tribute to an era when mixtapes were a personal statement and music was a tangible part of our lives.

But there's more – "Acrylic Nostalgia" is laced with subtle humor. Instead of the classic image of people carrying bulky boomboxes on their shoulders, imagine them toting these sleek, acrylic cassette tapes. It's a whimsical nod to the past, combining nostalgia with a touch of irony.

This series is close to our hearts at Googly Gooeys, blending our love for colors, storytelling, and a good laugh. It's perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of humor with their nostalgia, or for those who appreciate the fusion of retro and modern aesthetics. With "Acrylic Nostalgia," relive the 80s in a lighthearted way and add a piece of playful history to your collection. 📼✨🎨

Dimension: 54cm x 35cm


Deep Green
Frosted White

!!! Actual colors may slightly vary from photo due to differences in screen resolution.

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