Siser Romeo 24-inch Cutter High Precision Cutting Machine | User Friendly Software | Vinyl HTV Cardstock

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Meet Siser Romeo®, our 24" High-Definition Cutter. It’s the tool you need to make your business grow and let your creativity fly.

Create and Enjoy!

With Siser Romeo®, making detailed cuts is easy. It’s twice as wide as Siser Juliet®, so you can make more in less time. It’s a pro tool that helps you make pro projects. The touch screen is easy to use and helps you cut with precision.

Cut All You Want!

Siser Romeo® can cut many materials, like vinyl, cardstock, and foam. It’s great for Siser heat transfer vinyl and EasyPSV® decal vinyl. You can make your crafts

with the materials you like.

Easy to Use Software

RSiser omeo® works with Leonardo™ Design Studio software. It’s not just for cutting; it’s also for creating! You can design your own art or use art from our library. It’s a space where you can learn and find new ideas. And, it’s free with every Siser Romeo®!

Full of Features!

Siser Romeo® has many features. You can adjust the rollers and use the whole width of the cutter. It’s great for making big things like banners and decals. The preset cut settings and fast cutting speed make Romeo® a top choice for all your projects.

Siser Romeo Specifications:

  • Material Width: Can cut up to 25.5" wide
  • Cut Length: Can cut 5+ yards with Roll Holder
  • Compatible Materials: Works with HTV, EasyPSV, Cardstock, Paper, Felt, and more.
  • Available Tools: Comes with 45° Blade and 60° Blade
  • Connectivity: Connects with WiFi or directly using a USB cable
  • Software: Uses Leonardo™ Design Studio for designing
  • Size: It’s 36.25in long, 7.75in wide, and 7.5in high
  • Weight: Weighs 21 lbs
  • Power Input: Uses 100-240V, 1.5A and outputs 24V, 2.7A
  • Precision: Cuts with 0.01mm precision
  • Material Height: Can handle materials up to 1mm high
  • Speed: Moves at 27in per second and cuts at 24in per second

Siser Romeo® 24" High-Definition Cutter. It’s a powerful tool that’s also easy to use. With Romeo®, the sky’s the limit for your creativity! Create, enjoy, and make your imagination come to life!

Siser Romeo is Officially Distributed by GooglyGooeys in the Philippines

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