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The ScanNCut Print to Cut function for CanvasWorkspace from Brother allows you to effortlessly detect the cutting position of objects on print material. By using material printed with images and registration marks together with cutting data created in CanvasWorkspace, you can efficiently cut the same image with the ScanNCut SDX1200 or cut out a specific part of the image.

The Print to Cut function adds ease in creating stamped and printed images by adding a cut shape around them. This allows the shape to scan correctly as the cut shape is easily detectable. You are also able to edit the cut shape in CanvasWorkspace and then transfer the FCM file to your ScanNCut SDX1200.

How to use the Print to Cut function:

1. Activate the Print to Cut function in CanvasWorkspace and add your registration marks

2. Import an image into CanvasWorkspace and create the cutting data

3. Save the created data as a PDF file for printing and then print it with a printer

4. Transfer the FCM file (cutting data) to the ScanNCut SDX1200 and cut the printed file

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