Extension Tray for Cricut Maker

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Introducing our Extension Tray for Cricut Maker, the ultimate tool for achieving precise and uniform cuts in your crafting projects! Designed specifically for Cricut Maker machines, this extension tray provides an extended work surface, allowing you to easily level your cutting mats for consistent and accurate cuts. With the help of the extension tray, you can ensure that your mats are perfectly aligned, resulting in professional-quality cuts every time. Craft with confidence and eliminate any concerns about uneven cuts or misalignment by incorporating the Extension Tray into your crafting routine. Unlock a new level of precision and creativity with the Extension Tray for Cricut Maker and Explore. Elevate your crafting experience and achieve flawlessly cut designs with ease!

Dimensions when Assembled: 

(Please allow for slight variation due to manual measurement)

2.5 x 6.7 x 0.9

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