Mat Rescue by GooglyGooeys - Cricut Cutting Mat Resticking Kit

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Meet the Googly Gooeys Mat Rescue! This Cricut cutting mat resticking kit is perfect if you want to revive old, dirty and dry mats that no longer hold your materials well or at all.

Inclusions: Full Package

  • 1 Mat Rescue 10ml
  • 1 Non-toxic Solution 40ml
  • 1 Mixing Container
  • 1 Brush

Inclusions Pack of 3*

  • 3 pcs. Mat Rescue 10ml
  • 3 pcs. Non-toxic Solution 40ml


How to use:

Make sure to clean your mats with water and soap. Remove all debris and dirt. Rinse and air dry.

For every 1 part of the mat rescue solution, add 4 parts of the non-toxic solution in a mixing container.

Apply a thin layer of the mixture to your clean and dry mat. Air dry only.

You may increase or decrease the proportions of the mixture to adjust the stickiness depending on your needs. Do note that the overall tackiness of your "rescued" cutting mats may vary depending on how sticky or not your old mats were.


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