Rough Glitter Soda Glass Can 16 oz.

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Color: Pink
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A unique and eye-catching beverage container that redefines your drinking experience with a touch of sparkle. Priced at just Php 200 per piece, this exclusive glass can brings a blend of rugged charm and glittery allure to your refreshment rituals.

Crafted with precision and designed to stand out, the Rough Glitter Soda Glass Can is a stylish addition to your glassware collection. The textured surface adds a distinct tactile element, providing a satisfying grip while you indulge in your favorite drinks. The rough finish not only enhances the can's grip but also contributes to its contemporary aesthetic, making it a statement piece for any occasion.

The infusion of glitter elevates the visual appeal, turning sipping moments into a dazzling experience. Ideal for both casual gatherings and special celebrations, this Rough Glitter Soda Glass Can effortlessly combines functionality with a touch of glamour.

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