xTool M1 | 2-in-1 Smart Laser Engraver and Vinyl Cutter

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The xTool M1 is a premium level self contained desktop laser cutting and engraving system and features a dual cutting head for both laser and blade cutting of rigid and malleable materials. The M1 can cut and engrave a wealth of materials and allows you to expand your creations into a whole new dimension.

XTOOL M1 Key Features:

 Main Functions: Laser Cutting | Laser Engraving | Blade Cutting
 Cutting Bed Size: 385mm x 300mm
 Dual Head: Laser | Blade
 16MP Smart Camera For Real Time Preview
 Laser Power: 10W
 Max Laser Cut Depth: 10mm
 Max Laser Engraving Depth: 0.08mm
 Max Blade Cut Depth: 10mm
 In-Built Smoke Extraction Fan
 Connectivity: Wireless LAN |USB
 Control Software: xTool Creative Space | Laserbox App
 Compatible OS: Windows | macOS | Android | iOS

Allows you to import the following file types:


Smarter Camera Easier Operations

xTool M1 has a built-in 16MP high-resolution camera, which makes all operations visualized and easier. It can even work in batches to improve your work efficiency.

One-click batch fill
You can fill multiple items with the pattern in one click, making batch processing easy. Real-time drag and drop.

XTOOL M1 Includes:

 Essentials Material Package
 1 x Light Grip Cutting Mat (Blue)
 1 x Strong Grip Cutting Mat (Pink)
 5 x Replacement 45 Cutting Blades
 10 x Triangular Media Support Prisms
 Exhaust Pipe Kit

What xTool M1 Can Cut and Engrave

Materials Laser Engraving Laser Cutting Blade Cutting
Wood -
Some dark opaque acrylics -
Stainless Steel - -
Electroplated Metal - -
Painted Metal - -
Bamboo -
Dark Glass - -
Ceramic - -
Cement - -
Brick - -
Jade - -
Marble - -
Shale - -
Copy Paper
Kraft Paper
Corrugated Paper
Sticker Paper -
PU Heat Transfer Vinyl - -
PVC Sheets - -
PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl - -
Self-adhesive PVC - -

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