Toner Reactive Foil Sheet

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Want to add some gorgeous foil and metallic finish to your DIY craft projects? Think product tags, posters, art prints, banners, cake toppers, packaging, greeting cards, and more! Now it's easy to create them with these toner reactive foil sheets.

Compatible to use with Minc Foiling machine and laminators.

Colors: Actual colors may slightly vary from photo due to differences in screen resolution.

Dimensions: Approximately 8 inches x 48 inches (Please allow for slight variances due to manual cutting.)


1. Print your design on a sheet of paper using toner based printer (e.g. laser printer).

2. Choose your foil color.

3. Carefully place your foil over your printed design from number 1.

4. Insert into your transfer folder.

5. Choose your heat setting on your Minc machine or laminator. Setting will depend on your paper type and thickness.

6. Once the red light turns green you're ready to foil!

7. Feed transfer folder into the machine. BE PATIENT! Do not pull! Wait for the folder to come out on the other side.

8. Once the folder is out, remove from machine. Carefully peel foil off the paper.

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